Who We Are

In today’s ever-growing world, finding sustainable ways to make the things we need is of the utmost importance. At Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients, we work to do just that by using organic materials to manufacture slow-release plant nutrients in a patented, innovative way that addresses the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. Anuvia is an innovative leader in the bio-based nutrient industry and uses a circular approach to create sustainable products for homeowners, turf mangers and farmers.

Our way is unique. Our way is new. We are Anuvia.


Anuvia manufactures high-efficiency, bio-based nutrient, slow-release specialty fertilizer products. Our patented system uses a natural binding mechanism to create homogenous products that require no artificial polymers or coatings. By incorporating organic materials as our base ingredient, our products increase crop yields, cultivate strong, beautiful turf, and reduce organic excess—products that are good for people, plants and the planet.


What makes Anuvia special? Our Organic MaTRX™. We created it to mimic organic matter in soil and it is the foundation of our product line. It delivers bio-based nutrients in an intuitive, novel and highly effective way. Incorporating a range of organic materials, the Organic MaTRX possesses both positive and negative charges providing docking sites for desired nutrients like ammonium, potassium, sulfate and ferrous iron. The combination of slow release and nutrients in forms readily usable by plants translates into less loss via leaching or volatilization and better overall soil health.

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