About Anuvia

Anuvia Plant Nutrients is a company committed to creating innovative products for farmers, turf managers and homeowners while providing an invaluable service for municipalities and industry. In all that we do, it is our goal to address the three pillars of sustainability to help people, plants and planet thrive. Our way is unique. Our way is new. We are Anuvia.


Board of Directors

This dynamic group is dedicated to bringing innovation and a sustainable solution to the plant nutrient industry.

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Management Team

Be it municipal organic resource processing, granular plant nutrient manufacturing and marketing, project development or finance, our team is highly experienced in all the areas critical to our present and future success.

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Anuvia Plant Nutrients is financed primarily by TPG® Alternative and Renewable Technologies (ART). In addition to TPG ART, equity investors include strategic investors Agro-Iron®, whose businesses include the production of iron micronutrients, and Shrieve Chemical®, a supplier of industrial chemicals, active in the fertilizer industry. Other investors include Florida-based agricultural companies and individual investors.

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Press Releases

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients Introduces ANUGREEN™ An Eco-Friendly Quick-Greening Nutrient for Residential Lawns

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients announces the launch of its newest plant nutrient product, ANUGREEN™, an ecofriendly, enhanced-efficiency, slow-release fertilizer specifically for the residential lawn care market. |Read More

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients Partners with Vereens Turf To Distribute GreenTRX to Golf, Sod and Lawn Care Customers

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients announces an agreement with Vereens Turf to distribute Anuvia’s GreenTRX™ to Vereens golf, sod, lawn care and landscape customers. |Read More

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients Partners with Ferti Technologies To Market GreenTRX™ to Canadian Turf Industry

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients announces an agreement with Ferti Technologies, based in Quebec, Canada to market Anuvia’s GreenTRX™ to its golf and turf customers. GreenTRX is an enhanced-efficiency, multi-nutrient, slow-release specialty fertilizer that delivers fast deep greening to turf. |Read More

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients Partners with Ewing Irrigation & Landscape SupplyTo Distribute GreenTRX to the Landscape and Lawn Care Industries

Anuvia Plant Nutrients announces an agreement with Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply to distribute Anuvia’s GreenTRX™ to its landscape and lawn care customers. GreenTRX is a high-efficiency, multi-nutrient, slow-release specialty fertilizer that delivers fast deep greening of turf and lawns while also protecting the environment. |Read More

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients Partners with Southern States Cooperative to Service Ag Markets

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients announces an agreement with Southern States Cooperative to market Anuvia's SymTRX™ to crop producers. |Read More

Anuvia Plant Nutrients Receives National Award For Sustainability Innovation

Anuvia Plant Nutrients has received the Bronze Award for Sustainability at the 2017 Edison Awards presentations in New York City. This prestigious award recognizes the world’s best innovations and inventors. Anuvia was honored for its Organic MaTRX™ technology, which turns organic waste into highly efficient plant nutrients. |Read More

Introducing Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Anuvia means “A New Way.” Anuvia Plant Nutrients has developed a new and innovative way to deliver nutrients while contributing to a healthier environment and improved soil health. We believe that our innovative process signals a new era in plant nutrient technology. |Read More

Anuvia Plant Nutrients Beefs Up Staff As Production Facility Comes On Line

Anuvia Plant Nutrients, an environmentally sustainable plant nutrient company, is expanding its team of professionals. Anuvia uses a new unique innovative and patented technology to manufacture enhanced efficiency slow-release plant nutrient products for turf and agricultural markets. |Read More

Anuvia Plant Nutrients Partners with Lakeland, Fla. Distributor Harrell’s To Service Turf Markets

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients announces the appointment of Harrell's as a national distributor for its new product GreenTRX™ 16-1-2-17S-3Fe. Harrell's is a leading producer and distributor of customized, agronomic solutions. Based in Lakeland, Fla., the company provides products to the golf, horticulture, turf and landscape, sports turf and specialty agriculture markets. |Read More

Anuvia Plant Nutrients Opens $98 Million Facility To Serve Agriculture and Turf Markets

Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients announces the opening of its environmentally friendly, enhanced efficiency fertilizer production facility in the central Florida town of Zellwood. The state-of-the-art $98 million plant started production in April and has capacity to produce greater than 200 tons of product daily. Anuvia’s products include GreenTRX™ for the turf industry and SymTRX™ for the agricultural sector. |Read More

Anuvia in the Media

Anuvia Plants Nutrients opens its first manufacturing plant in central Florida

With an eye toward a different approach and being environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, Anuvia Plant Nutrients unveiled its $98 million production plant on May 10 in Zellwood, Florida.|Read More

A fertilizer that checks all the boxes

When it comes to fertilizer for his greens, Superintendent Grant Backus of Dolphin Head Golf Club in Hilton Head, S.C., has a list of what he wants.|Read More

Right place, right time for Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Waste becomes wanted and byproducts become primary products with the recent opening of the first Anuvia Plant Nutrients Corporation fertilizer production facility near Zellwood, Fla. |Read More

Green with envy

Penn States turf researcher Dr. Max Schiossberg discusses recent field testing of Anuvia's new GreenTRX slow-release fertilizer, it's impact on turf , and the benefits of using this kind of product on a golf course. |Read More

Consistent results

It's one thing for a product to perform well in a lab or during a test study. Achieving the same results in the field under a variety of conditions however is a different matter. So the management team at Anuvia the manufacturer of GreenTRX is working to get its product in the hands of the experts, the nation's golf course superintendents. |Read More

Shine on, shine bright with Anuvia

Anuvia Plant Nutrients, with its state-of-the-art, $98 million facility in Zellwood, is adding fresh sparkle to the Florida Sunshine State's commitment to environmental sustainability. |Read More

Company takes innovative approach to new fertilizer

A startup firm - Anuvia - is turning organic waste into slow-release fertilizer. Sitting in a room Hugh MacGillivray, executive vise president, marketing and business development, it was clear that a company startup presentation was about to begin. In a one-on-one briefing he shared a look at his company's product and how it's made. |Read More

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