SymTRX™ 16-8-0-16S

In SymTRX, we applied the natural principles associated with organic matter in the soil to create a novel, enhanced efficiency plant nutrition product. Created using a proprietary process, SymTRX uses the Organic MaTRX to bind with nutrient ions, creating a homogenous, multi-nutrient, slow-release product that works in perfect symmetry with the soil itself to create stronger, healthier plants. This novel method meets the increasing demands for better, more efficient delivery of nutrients to plants and supports the 4R Nutrient Stewardship initiative to better manage nutrient delivery.

The result? Healthier crops, less nutrient loss via leaching and volatilization, and the confidence you’re using a product that is good for people, plants and planet.


  • The Organic MaTRX – a novel slow-release nutrient delivery system
  • Homogenous multi-nutrient product
  • Dual release
  • Delivers nutrients in available forms such as ammonium N and sulfur sulfate
  • Contains 16 percent organics
  • Standard-size dry, hard granules


  • Efficient nutrient delivery without the use of coatings or polymers, and reduced nutrient loss to leaching or volatilization, contributing to a healthy environment and bottom line
  • Delivers important nutrients in a uniform way for even feeding
  • Provides nutrients when plants need them most, optimizing utilization and plant performance
  • More easily taken up by plants for efficient utilization, which translates to improved yields
  • Better soil and root zone health
  • Can be stored easily without caking or setup

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