Helping Agriculture Sustainably Feed A Growing Population

With the world’s population expected to hit 10 billion by 2050 (an increase of 35%), we need large-scale farming to feed the world. But in order to continue to farm on a large scale, we must reduce farming’s demands on the Earth.

This is where Anuvia comes in.

Our technology is changing how agriculture nourishes its crops. While it can take Mother Nature up to two years to convert manure to usable nutrients, our patented technology can achieve this in just minutes. And by working with us, America’s most progressive farms are increasing yields, improving soil health and water quality, and reducing greenhouse gases. All while making sure they are poised to continue to meet the demands of a growing population.

Planet Earth

Reducing Greenhouse Gases, Improving Water Quality and Soil Health

According to the EPA, because of the demands we place on it, agriculture accounts for approximately 9% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the USA. In addition, nutrient run off causes excess algae growth and oxygen depletion in lakes and streams, which can harm wildlife and fish. Working with Anuvia, farms can further reduce greenhouse gases immediately, while dramatically improving soil health and water quality, ensuring we can continue to produce crops for generations to come in a way that is in harmony with the Earth.

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What Takes Nature Up to Two Years to Do, Anuvia Can Accomplish in Minutes.

Today, commonly used fertilizers contain little to no organic material. Simply put, using plant- or organic-based materials to feed crops just takes too long to convert into a usable form (up to two years). Much of the nitrogen and phosphates in traditional fertilizer aren’t even consumed by the plants. In some instances, almost 70% of the nutrients are lost, as they are quickly converted into greenhouse gases, are leached into the water supply, or are tied up in the soil.

In contrast, Anuvia has developed an innovative system that mimics nature’s process of turning organic matter into usable plant nutrients. But instead of months or years, we can do it in minutes. Our patented technology allows nutrients to stay in the soil longer, making more of them available to nourish crops, the way nature intended. The result is increased yield, while improving soil health and water quality. And because less can be used, greenhouse gases and harmful runoff are reduced immediately.


Plug and Play Sustainability and Yield

New ag technologies like artificial intelligence, precision farming and drone technology have delivered huge strides in efficiency and sustainability in recent years. Because we come from within the agriculture industry, we know how to create a solution that works with new advancements and legacy systems on today’s modern farm. No special requirements. No systemic changes. By simply adopting Anuvia, farms can become more sustainable and more productive immediately upon application.

And because our nutrient system is more efficient in feeding crops than traditional fertilizers, studies show that working with Anuvia can yield up to a five-times return on investment. This allows farms to reap more from current acreage while improving soil and water health for years to come.

Bundle of Wheat

Turf Managers and Home Owners

Golf courses, municipalities and even home owners can use the same technology used on some of the nation’s most progressive farms. By incorporating organic materials as our base ingredient, our products cultivate strong, beautiful turf, and reduce organic excess—products that are good for people, plants and the planet.

Some of the most notable golf clubs along with amateur and professional sports fields are fed by Anuvia.

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