Toward 2050: Sustainable Agriculture for a Growing Population

The world’s population is expected to hit 10 billion by 2050 — an increase of 35%. To feed this growing appetite, the world needs large-scale farming that reduces demand on the planet. Anuvia Plant Nutrients has a highly innovative solution.

While nature can take up to two years to break down organic material and release its nutrients, our patented technology can achieve the same results in minutes. Agriculture is striving to deliver plant nutrients more efficiently and sustainably for our growing world, and Anuvia is leading the way.

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Natural Nourishment,
Delivered Efficiently

A large percentage of the nitrogen and phosphates in traditional products are susceptible to not being consumed by the plants. In some conditions, up to 70% of nutrients can be lost to volatilization and leaching, or bound in the soil itself. Anuvia’s innovative system can help reduce loss and improve utilization.

Lower Environmental Impact,
Higher Water and Soil Quality

The EPA estimates that agriculture accounts for 9% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the USA. Nutrient run off can cause algae growth and oxygen depletion in lakes and streams — potentially harming fish and wildlife. Anuvia technology can immediately reduce greenhouse gases and nutrient loss while improving soil health and water quality.

Better Yields and Sustainability
Without Special Requirements

Modern innovations like drone technology, artificial intelligence and precision farming have enabled huge gains in efficiency, sustainability and profitability. While most technology comes with steep learning curves and high costs, Anuvia has no special requirements. Its benefits begin immediately with the first application. Current data shows that growers who use an Anuvia product can produce 3 to 5 times return on their investment.

From Farm to
Fairway to Front Lawns

Anuvia’s ease-of-use allows golf courses, municipalities and homeowners to enjoy the same results as the country’s most progressive farms. By using organic materials as the base ingredient, Anuvia products cultivate strong, beautiful turf, and reduce organic excess — all of which is good for plants, people and the planet.