The Future of Fertilizer

Get bigger yields, healthier crops and the confidence of using a product that is better for people and the planet with SymTRX™. This novel, bio-based product accelerates natural principals to deliver the nutrition plants need for immediate and long-term health. Anuvia’s proprietary Organic MaTRX™ process binds with nutrient ions to create a slow-release, enhanced efficiency solution that simultaneously feeds crops and the soil for increased production and healthier land.

Improved yields, better soil and root zone health — better for the environment and profits alike
Homogenous, dual release, multi-nutrient product with up to 16% organic matter
Standard size hard, dry high performance granules without polymer coatings

Trial Results: Crop

At Anuvia, we are motivated by the incredible potential of new technology and innovative thinking. But that potential must be proven through measurable performance in the field. This overview summarizes major trials and ongoing research into SymTRX performance for various crop species.

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Mode of Action Research

Our innovative Organic MaTRX delivers nutrients efficiently while reducing loss to the environment. It improves soil health, reduces volatilization and provides nutrients as plants need them.

Proven Environmental Benefits

Studies were conducted to determine nitrogen release, nitrification, nitrogen volatility and soil health. The results showed:

  • Confirmation that 35% of the nitrogen is slow release
  • A proven reduction in risk of nitrate loss
  • A reduction in nitrogen volatility
  • Increased soil microbial activity, leading to improved soil health

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