Professional Lawn Care

Introducing the new GreenTRX family of products

No filler. No uncoated urea. Sustainable.

The new GreenTRX family of products are bio-based high efficiency plant nutrients that use Anuvia’s innovative sustainable nutrient delivery TRX Technology. All deliver quick deep greening and improve soil health.  All contain 100 percent nutrients—no filler, no uncoated urea.

Meet the Family

No Filler. No Uncoated Urea. High Performance. Sustainable. Easy to Use.

The GreenTRX family of products contain up to 50 percent more nutrient granules than many traditional blends which can be comprised of more than 50 percent filler. 

Lawn care operators can offer complete programs or choose the best analysis for their specific needs based on turf conditions.


48% SRN 16% S 2% Fe

GreenTRX90 replaces the original GreenTRX 16-1-2. It provides more nutrition and higher slow release.

  • Up to 8-week feed
  • .75-1 lb/N rate


65% SRN 13% S 1.5% Fe

Provides a common high nutrient analysis, with higher percent slow release. An excellent alternative to common blends that contain filler and uncoated urea. Features high performance with sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  • Up to 10-week feed at higher rates
  • 1-1.25 lb/N use rate


78% SRN 10% S 1% Fe

Features the longest extended feeding. Quick results and lasting performance make it great for summer and blackout applications.

  • Up to12-week feed at higher rates
  • 1-2 lb/N use rate

The Smart Choice

No Filler
No Uncoated Urea
Slow Release Nitrogen
Visibility when Spreading
Reduced Volatilization
Reduced Leaching
Reduced Greenhouse Gases

Get Quick, Deep Greening

The balanced nutrients in GreenTRX products are delivered via Anuvia’s proprietary TRX Technology, which releases nutrients when the grass needs them – improving uptake and plant utilization. GreenTRX’s formula includes plant-available nitrogen, potash, sulfur and iron — all vital to plant growth and health.

Environmentally Friendly,
Sustainable Solutions

Whereas many companies claim sustainability, Anuvia proudly puts it into practice. GreenTRX technology is at the forefront of sustainable solutions for lawn care. Its efficient nutrient utilization reduces leaching into waterways and volatilization into air, making GreenTRX much healthier for the environment.

GreenTRX improves soil health by putting organic matter back in the soil. This organic matter provides a food source for microbes, which helps soils regenerate. Healthy soils are more fertile and provide a better foundation for growing grass—in good weather or bad. 

Healthy soils are an important component of sustainable land management. Anuvia’s approach to fertilization is to replenish and nourish, and to do so in a way that is uniquely environmentally friendly and sustainable.