How Anuvia Helps Improve Sustainability

We live in a world where resources are at a premium and sustainability is of the utmost importance. At Anuvia, we make a product that utilizes resources most would otherwise dispose of, and we do it in a way that supports the three pillars of sustainability:


Our Sustainability Story

Anuvia’s proprietary technology transforms reclaimed organic waste into plant nutrient products that improve soil structure, enhance nutrient delivery and optimize plant growth.

More Reclamation. Less Landfill.

Anuvia reclaims organic materials in the last step of their lifecycle and repurposes them with no waste stream, unlike the current practices of landfilling or land applying. Our novel reaction process breaks down the organics to their natural building blocks and combines them with inorganic nutrients to create an enhanced-efficiency fertilizer.

Think of this technology like a hybrid car, where fuel and electricity are combined to deliver more efficiency. Our product combines the power of organic materials with inorganic macor-nutrients to create a new way to deliver effective and more environmentally friendly plant nutrition.

Cation and Anion Absorption (Sequestration)
by Organic Matter (OM)
Our Organic MaTRX is a novel slow-release nutrient delivery system – the first new innovation in slow release technology in sometime. Our products contain up to 16% organic matter, contributing greatly to soil health.

Organic Materials Neutral

The Anuvia process makes use of a wide variety of reclaimed organic materials, such as food waste, animal manures, industrial plant organic waste, and municipal water treatment plant organics. This allows us to situate our production in proximity to raw material sources and markets. Our mission is to produce superior products utilizing local raw materials – recycling organic materials back into the lands that produced the original crops.