Organic materials can be disposed of in a variety of ways. But Anuvia believes none of the conventional methods utilize them quite as effectively as we can. Our novel production process creates an innovative product that helps to increase crop yields and produce healthy turf, all while protecting the environment and addressing a social need to reuse organic materials that are currently being ineffectively disposed of.

In a world where demands for fertilizer, food and lush outdoor spaces are ever expanding, Anuvia helps growers, turf managers and homeowners meet those demands.


The Missing Link

As a society, we’re moving from a make it, use it and throw it away approach, to a make it, use it, repurpose it and use it again approach. By turning waste into useful, desired product, Anuvia represents the missing link to complete the cycle in a circular economy. We are reclaiming organic materials and repurposing them, instead of adding them to our landfills.


During Anuvia’s patented process, one ton of waste organic material is consumed for every ton of product produced.

Proprietary 7-Step Process

Anuvia’s manufacturing process is a proprietary 7-step organic resource processing system described in 14 U.S. patents. We have no waste stream – our process is clean, safe, environmentally friendly, and makes use of organic materials that would otherwise be disposed of. Learn more about our process.